With three kids in the house, someone is always looking for a snack. Food companies spend millions (billions?) of dollars developing and marketing snack food, and hardly any of it is healthy. In our house, we avoid buying prepackaged snacks like potato chips or cheese popcorn, and try to make better options at home. How can we, as parents, compete for the taste buds of our kids?

Snack Zest was born out of this frustration.

We created or compiled all the snack recipes on this site, and tested them!  We have figured out what works, what doesn’t, and what tastes good, and shared all that info on these pages.

When our faithful popcorn air-popper quit after 20 years, I thought picking up a replacement would be simple. I was wrong. Most of the local retailers didn’t carry them! A BestBuy employee even told me popcorn poppers were seasonal items, and the stock was sent back to the warehouse for Winter! I eventually did find one locally, and it was small, loud and left too many unpopped kernels.

Ultimately, I ended up with nearly a dozen popcorn poppers, and tested every one of them to find the best.  This was the start of the Snack Zest reviews!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our recipes and reviews, and look forward to any feedback you may have on our site.

Thank You!